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This section describes how to view an old Ethereum transaction block on

As of 2018, Ethereum blockchain contains more than 5,151,306 transaction blocks. Let's try to search and view block # 5,000,000 on

Go to And search for "5000000" in the search box. You should see the content of block # 5000000 displayed:

Height:         5000000   
TimeStamp:      25 days 12 hrs ago (Jan-30-2018 01:41:33 PM +UTC)
Transactions:   109 transactions and 10 contract internal transactions 
Parent Hash:    
Mined By:       
   0xb2930b35844a230f00e51431acae96fe543a0347 (miningpoolhub_1) in 5 secs
Difficulty:     2,546,613,975,853,490
Total Difficulty: 2,285,199,027,754,071,740,498
Size:           24017 bytes
Gas Used:       7,994,053 (99.93%)
Gas Limit:      8,000,029
Nonce:          0x884617a20003ba3f25
Block Reward:   3.081863496448905635 Ether (3 + 0.081863496448905635)
Uncles Reward:  0
Extra Data:     t12 (Hex:0x743132)

Below is the block # 5000000 in Ethereum blockchain displayed on

Ethereum Block # 500000
Ethereum Block # 5000000

Last update: 2018.

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