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ASP Tutorials This free book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning ASP himself. Topics include ActiveX, ASP, attachment, binary file, collection, cookies, database, Guestbook, HTTP response header, IIS, language, MS Access, redirect, scripting, script debugger, script runtime DLL, session, VBScript.

Table of Contents

About This Book

ASP (Active Server Pages) Introduction

What Is ASP (Active Server Pages)

Static, Client Scripting and Server Scripting Pages

IIS (Internet Information Services) 5.0

Making Sure IIS 5.0 Is Running

Making Sure IIS 5.0 Is Supporting ASP Pages

Reviewing IIS 5.0 Settings

MS Script Debugger

Running MS Script Debugger

Debugging ASP Pages

VBScript Language

Using VBScript in ASP Pages

Mixing VBScript Statements with Static HTML Text

Variables and Expressions in VBScript

Arrays and Loops in VBScript

"Collection" Class in VBScript

ASP Built-in Run-time Objects

Introduction of ASP Objects

"request" Object - Receiving Data from Client

"response" Object - Sending Data to Client

"server" Object - Sharing Data across Applications

"application" Object - Sharing Data within an Application

"session" Object - Sharing Data across ASP Pages

ASP Session

What Is Session?

Properties and Methods of the "session" Object

Passing Values between Pages

HTTP Communication Level Debugging

HTTP Communication Log Example

Creating and Managing Cookies

What Is a Cookie?

Sending and Receiving Cookies

Cookie Properties and Itemized Values

Cookie Test Program Result

Special Cookies

Managing Sessions with and without Cookies

Session ID Managed as a Cookie

Session Management Considerations

Managing Sessions without Cookies

scrrun.dll - Scripting Runtime DLL

What Is scrrun.dll?

"Dictionary" Class - Collection of Key-Value Pairs

"FileSystemObject" Class - File System

"Drive" Class - Disk Drive

"Folder" Class - File Folder

"File" Class - File Folder

"TextStream" Class - Input or Output Stream

Managing Response Header Lines

HTTP Response Syntax

HTTP Response Header Lines

Controlling Response Header Lines

Viewing Response Header Lines

Response Header Lines for Static Files

Controlling Response Header Line Example

Sending Binary Files to Browsers

Sending Files as Downloads

Calculation Speed and Response Time

Calculating Prime Numbers

Response Time of "Hello" Page

ADO (ActiveX Data Object) DLL

What Is ADO (ActiveX Data Object)?

"Connection" Class - Access Channel to Database

"RecordSets" Class - Query Output Records

glossary.asp - ADO Example Script

Working with MS Access Database

Connecting ASP Pages to MS Access Databases

"hello_access.asp" - MS Access Example

Persisting Data to MS Access Databases

Running "insert_access.asp"

Protecting Data in SQL Statements

Protecting Data in SQL Statements - Test Script

Guest Book Application Example

Design Overview

Database Tables

Configuration File

Page Layout Template File

Guest book Main Script

The Utility Script Library File

Data Submission Issues

Webmaster Administration Page


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